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Book Munch | Join Me For A Bengali Gourmet Meal On The 4th June

Cook The Books with Ishita Saha

I don’t think that I have left any stone unturned in telling the world about my roots, where I come from and how delicious Bengali food is. Often I am inundated with mails from readers – Where can we have a Bengali Meal in Dubai? Is there any good Bengali Restaurant in Dubai? I don’t have any answers. I try to showcase Bengali cuisine at every little opportunity that I get (I’ve cooked the Kolkata Biryani in Lafayette Gourmet, I’ve written about the Phulko Luchi In Ahlan! Gourmet, written an encyclopaedic blogpost on Bengali cuisine – I can go on! But this would perhaps be the first time that I am attempting to showcase in a bit more elaborate way – a Bengali menu that I have created for a very special event that’s coming up this week. I am hosting the ‘Cook The Books’ in BookMunch, the award-winning restaurant cafe in Al Wasl Square (it won the Time Out Dubai Restaurant Awards 2014 for the Best Family Restaurant). This is an unique monthly event where the host Chef talks about his/her cookbook or some recipes from their favourite cookbooks, followed by a dinner where the menu has been created by the host Chef. They have had renowned host Chefs in the past like Suzanne Husseini, Fiona Archibold and others. It’s my honour to be the host Chef in the month of June.

A little background here… most of the food posts in my Culinary Travel blog have been juxtaposed against my Kolkata nostalgia or my living experiences in the UAE. While I still haven’t come up with my book, I do nurture a dream to write one – till then all my culinary experiences are penned down in my blog. Dareen, the inspiring lady behind this novel concept, is giving me an opportunity to pull out pages from my ‘potential book’ and my love for Bengali food. There is a lot of effort on her part and the team in the BookMunch kitchen to actually create a menu that they haven’t actually aren’t accustomed to. We have all worked very hard for this – I have cooked, fed the Chef and the team (above), we have discussed and then finally he has recreated them, adding his touches too. What we hope is to present a ‘Bengali Gourmet Menu’. While I don’t want to reveal too much, here’s a little peep into what could possibly be in the evening’s menu on 4th of June*. Do click here to confirm your attendance in the event… hope to see you there!

Unblogging it all… Ishita

* The final menu is subject to change, depending upon availability of products and ingredients.

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Shrimp Churmur


Potoler Dorma
Potoler Dorma
Mustard Salmon wrapped in Banana Leaf
Mishti Doi
Mishti Doi



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