• Khinkali, the Georgian dumpling
    Georgia,  Travel

    Kavtaradzes’ Khinkali in Pasanauri | Our best food memories in Georgia until now

    When we stopped for lunch by the roadside family style restaurant Kavtaradzes' Khinkali in Pasanauri, we were half way through our family vacation in Georgia. I hadn't planned this particular day to kickstart my Georgian sojourn in my blog. But there wasn't any other way - as this lunch was the most memorable and inspiring meal amongst all our meals in Georgia - and trust me, each meal in this trip had been a supremely memorable one!

  • Dubai

    Al Fannah | How Deep (Fried) Is Your (Fish) Love?

    So, here's our new find (almost budget find). Located inside the Umm Sequimm Fishing Harbour and the Dubai Ports and Customs Authorities, our hunch is that this hidden gem is soon going to be the next 'Bu Qtair' in town, alibi some fairy lights, melamine plates, steel cutlery and queue-less waits. Also with better fish and a lesser bill!

  • Bu Qtair Fish Restaurant

    Bu Qtair In A New Avatar | A New Year, A New Location

    I don’t understand why the press is so interested in speculating about my appearance, anyway. What does my face have to do with my music or my dancing? ∼ Michael Jackson The above quote stands true for Bu Qtair too. What has the new look of Bu Qtair got to do with the taste of the fish it serves? The charm is still all in the fish, the fresh fish, the deep fried fresh fish, the deep fried spicy fresh fish. Specially the shrimps, although I miss the old Bu Qtair very very much! Bu Qtair is no Michael Jackson. But it is Dubai’s only celebrity-eating-hole that has managed to…

  • Dubai,  Published Work

    Hidden Gems of Dubai | My Pick of Restaurants

    There are little gems all around us that can hold glimmers of inspiration. ∼ Richelle Mead Hidden Gems. The term is sometimes too clichéd and overrated, specially in an ever evolving city like Dubai. Here, big shopping malls are easier to spot than hidden gems and the few gems that have remain hidden are exposed all too sudden. The example of the latter is perhaps the popular seafood joint Bu Qtair – it’s the most *unhidden* venues of Dubai! However, not everything is lost as yet and there are still many such quaint places in Dubai that provides comfort to one’s soul. I write about such places in my *Hidden…

  • Bengali Food,  Kolkata

    Where Will You Eat Bengali Food In Kolkata? | From Traditional to Bohemian

    Food is a central activity of mankind and one of the single most significant trademarks of a culture. ∼ Mark Kurlansky There was a time when finding a Bengali restaurant in Kolkata was difficult. It was limited to either the ‘no-frill canteen’ Suruchi or the ‘hotel restaurant’ Aaheli in Peerless Inn. And much later an inclusion of few Bengali dishes in the menu of Sonargaon in the 5-star ambiance of Taj Bengal. Suruchi is Kolkata’s first Bengali restaurant established in 1969 by the All Bengal Women’s Union and has been frequented by stalwart guests like Satyajit Ray. But it was, and still is, a no-frill joint serving good home-style Bengali food…

  • Dubai

    Wakha Wakha Eh Eh (This Time For Afghanistan)!

    The weekend leading to Lil Z’s 6th birthday wasn’t really all about chicken nuggets and pasta. After all, her meat eating parents also have some say in her celebratory food. Making soft toys with friends in Build-a-Bear comes later. But meat first. That too of the Afghani kind. A place that had been high on my radar after S had been talking about it. He had previously sneaked in some home delivery while the Z-Sisters and I had been away. A small restaurant just opposite Lulu Supermarket in Al Barsha, serving the most ‘delicious Chapli Kebab and Karahi Lamb’, he said. I was obviously sold. For a while I had…